1913 Australia One Penny - King George V

One Penny
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1913 Australia One Penny - King George V

This coin with the L mint mark minted in London.

From the 3rd year of general coinage production.

On 2 January in this same year Australian philately properly began with the release of Kangaroo and Map series of stamps, 

These featured kangaroo standing on a map of Australia, and were inscribed "AUSTRALIA POSTAGE".

Please see the pictures.

There were in total 5 varites of One Penny coins minted between 1911 and 1966 when decimalisation occured.

Mints: H – Birmingham  M – Melbourne  S- Sydney L- London

Mint Marks: H - Ralph Heaton Birmingham I - India

1911-1936 All One Penny coins in this period were as follows.

Diameter 30.8mm

Weight 9.45grams

Edge – Plain

Bronze composition: 97% copper, 2.5% zinc, 0.5% tin.

Obverse: Has a portrait of King George V by Sir Edgar B. Mackennal

Reverse: The words „ONE PENNY“ within a circle designed by W.H.J Blakemore

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