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The Deutsch-Ostafrikanische Bank or German East Africa Bank issued this One Rupie banknote in 1916.

It is a lovely example as a great many of those available are quite heavily stained.

In 1915 and 1916 there was a significant distribution of emergency paper money issues of which there were quite a few varieties. 

Most of the differences hang on the signatures, the eagle crest of which there were 3 varieties, the borders with 3 varieties and the number of stars to the left and right of the - Interim banknote heading. This one has 7 stars left and 14 stars right which indicates the first printing from Dar es Salaam. 6 and 13 would indicate the 2nd series. Scrolled bars indicate Tabora printing.

Some of the serial number capitals were also over printed with an X or a Z but no one is sure why.

Priced to sell, this is a far better than average example to put away.

From 1880 until 1916 the set currency for German East Africa was the Rupie.

They were released in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 200 Rupie.

It held the same value as the Indian and Zanzibar Rupie and there was after decimalisation of the currency a set value of 15 Rupie to 20 German Mark.

During the First World War, German troops fighting in the Belgian Congo were paid in this currency although mostly it was by coins, some of which were gold which was mined from the 

Sekenke Gold Mine.

1916 also saw the final year that 15 Rupie gold coins were minted and these contained gold to the value of 15 Mark.

Deutsch-Ostafrikanische Bank - German East Africa Bank
Place:           Dar es Salam / Tabora
Issued:         1 February 1916
Value:          One Rupie
Catalogue:    Ro.928y, 
Series:          E3 
Watermark:   1
Signature:     A. Frühling.
Size:            103 mm x 64 mm

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