1951 Australia One Penny - King George VI

One Penny
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1951 Australia One Penny - King George VI

A really nice clean example this one.

Good clean lines on text and rim. Has the PL mint mark for London.

Denticles and rim are lovely good condition.

Magic addition to any collection at a great price.

There were in total 5 varites of One Penny coins minted between 1911 and 1966 when decimalisation occured.

Mints: H – Birmingham  M – Melbourne  S- Sydney

Mint Marks: H - Ralph Heaton Birmingham  I - India

1949 -1952 All One Penny coins in this period were as follows.

Diameter 30.8 mm

Weight 9.45 grams

Edge – Plain

Bronze composition: 97% copper, 2.5% zinc, 0.5% tin.

Obverse: Has a portrait of King George VI by Thomas H. Paget

Reverse: The bounding kangaroo designed by George Kuger Gray

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