1972 Australia Two Dollars - GSJ

Two Dollars (Paper)
J.G.Phillips / F.H.Wheeler
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GSJ 424240
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1972 Australia Two Dollars - GSJ

Nice condition note with signs of light handling. Very light soiling.

The pictures say it all. A great note from this era for the collection.

By selective breeding of varieties such as "Professor Blount's Hybrid No.38, Gypsum", Canadian Fife, Etawah and Purple Straw, Fareer aimed to produce a wheat cultivar that had the best qualities of each. Success in developing a rust-resistant, high-yielding strain greeted him in 1900, when a satisfactory series of wheat was finally obtained - the Federation strain, named after the imminent Federation of Australia.[1] He then developed a series of other strains such as Canberra, Firbank, Cleveland, Pearlie White (named after a child in the neighbourhood who was very interested in his work) and Florence (resistant to flag smut). His successes led Farrer to become a wheat experimentalist with the NSW Department of Agriculture in 1898.

These wheat strains led to a major improvement to Australia's wheat industry within a few years. The Federation strain was released to Australian farmers in 1903 and resulted in a trebling of Australia's wheat harvest over a period of twenty years. Wheat export was to become a world class enterprise.

*All biographical details are taken from Wikipedia for education purposes only.

Obverse: John Macarthur (1766 – 11 April 1834) was a soldier, entrepreneur, politician and pioneer of the Australian wool industry.

Reverse:William James Farrer (3 April 1845 – 16 April 1906) was a leading Australian agronomist and plant breeder. Farrer is best remembered as the originator of the "Federation" strain of wheat, distributed in 1903. His work resulted in significant improvements in both the quality and crop yields of Australia's national wheat harvest, a contribution for which he earned the title 'father of the Australian wheat industry'.

Watermark: Captain Cook in left panel

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