Australia 1930 Proof Penny Copy - 1 Troy oz

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Australia 1930 Proof Penny Copy - 1 Troy oz

This is a copy of the very rare 1930 Australian one penny coin.

It is a cameo mirror proof strike and exceptionally beautiful to look at.

The fine detail really does give it something of a wow factor and as an item for display or as a unique gift then look no further. 

Kindly note that this item is sold as copper bullion and not as a coin of circulation.

It has the word Copy struck on the reverse. Each coin is individually encapsulated for preservation.  T

he coins are 1 ounce pure copper bullion running .999 fine and are sold as copper bullion and not as a coin of circulation.


George V  GEORGIVS V D.G.BRITT: OMN: REX F.D.IND:IMP: by Bertram Mackennal


ONE PENNY COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA / (COPY as additional text) by W.H.J. Blakemore

The Australian 1930 Penny is the rarest coin that was ever released into general circulation in Australia. Only three thousand were reputed to have been struck. There are only 6 proof coins known to exist, 3 in museums and 3 in private collections.  A 1930 UNC example was recently on display at the Powerhouse Museum and has an estimated value of more than one million dollars.  A private collector recently declined an offer of $1,000,000 AUD for his proof coin whilst another has accepted an offer of AUD$650,000.

Mint Type: Proof Strike    Mintage Date: 2010   Diameter: 30.8 mm

Thickness: 3 mm     Edge: Flat 

Composition: 99.9% Copper


Weight: 1.0000 troy oz. (31.1g)

Content: Copper 1 troy oz.

One troy ounce = 480 grains, or 31.10 grams.  There are also 20 pennyweights to a troy ounce. A troy pound contains 12 troy ounces (over 13 avoirdupois ounces) and is equivalent to 373.24 grams.  32.15 troy ounces = 1 kilogram.

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