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Michael Leunig is one of Australia most highly recognized cartoonists. His drawings have long been on the cutting edge of political commentary within Australia. No topic is sacred and in most cases his cartoons support the down trodden, the minority and the underdog. He is also the author of several books which expand on his philosophies whether political or religious.

He was officially named as an, “Australian Living Treasure” by the National Trust of Australia in 1999. An honour never before bestowed on a living Australian citizen.

Apart from exploring religious and spiritual themes he targets as political commentator agendas such as warmongering, greed, Americanization and probably most notably his stance on the War on Terror.

His cartoon characters have a wonderfully absurd style that provokes the reader towards thought and introspection as to one’s own values and their place in the general scheme of things. He uses the duck as a symbol of peace and tranquility and his main Character Mr. Curly with the improbable hairdo often has a teapot balanced on his head.

His cartoons have been animated as a series and his books of cartoons, poetry and philosophical musings has given Australia a vast literary wealth.

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