1845 Antique Map of Melanesia – Australia


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Carte Geographique 1845 from atlas Huot Geographie Moderne

Carte De La Melanesie ou Nouvelle Hollande (Melanesia and Australia)

Précis de la Géographie universelle, M. Malte-Brun, 1845

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Modern atlas printing.

With the coming of the global market, publishers in different countries can reprint maps from plates made elsewhere. This means that the place names on the maps often use the designations or abbreviations of the language of the country in which the feature is located, to serve the widest market. For example, islands near Russia have the abbreviation “O.” for “ostrov”, not “I.” for “island”. This practice differs from what is standard for any given language, and it reaches its extremity concerning transliterations from other languages. In particular, German mapmakers use the transliterations from Cyrillic developed by the Czechs, which are hardly used in English-speaking countries.

*All history taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only

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