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From a numismatics point of view this silver coin celebrating 25 years of reign by Wilhelm II over the Kingdom of Prussia is a highly historical item. Wilhelm II rules from 1888 until 1918. 

It is in a middle grade and has minor marks on both the Obverse and the Reverse of the coin. the pictures give you the best idea of overall quality.

The Deutsches Reich minted these coins in Berlin in 1913 and  in total their were around 1,000,000 of them struck.

A great chance to add a truly historic coin to your collection at a great price.

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Kingdom of Prussia – Wilhelm II (1888-1918)

1913 Prussian Silver Jubilee for Reign of Wilhelm II
Value:        3 Mark
Catalogue:  Jaeger 112 – KM 535 – AKS 141
Material:     Silver
Weight:      16.70 g
Fineness:   900/1000 (15.03 g fine)
Mintage     1,000,000
Diameter:  33.00 mm
Edge:        GOTT MIT UNS   (God With Us)


Wilhelm II was the last in the line of the German Emperors. His full title was Kaiser or German Emperor and King of Prussia ruling over the German Empire as well as the Kingdom of Prussia. Notably he was directly related to the British royal family as he was the eldest grandson of Queen Victoria. He rose to power in 1888 replacing Otto von Bismarck and stayed in power until he abdicated in 1918 before fleeing to Holland to live in exile.

As a child he attended the wedding of his Uncle Bertie who was none other than King Edward VII.  He was schooled in Kassel at the Friedrichsgymnasium and continued through till his 18th birthday.

One of his greatest endeavors as German Emperor was to establish a navy to rival that of Britain. He was all but consumed with the notion of maritime supremacy and this led to something of an arms race between Germany, England and other Baltic countries.  He was never a good military commander and his diplomatic shortcomings caused a great many incidents and instability. His support for  Austria-Hungary in the crisis of 1914 led within days to the beginning of World War I.  As the war proceeded he slowly lost all support amongst his Generals and they along with his army deserted him. His beloved Kaiserliche Marine, his imperial navy, mutinied and he was forced to abdicate and seek exile in the Netherlands.

He lived there until his death in 1941 at the ripe old age of 82.

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