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1980 Australia Post FDC – Sydpex

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Australia Post FDC – Sydpex 80, held at Sydney Town Hall, September 29 to October 6, 1980

Mint condition cover. Nice addition to any collection. Sydpex the stamp collectors heaven.

Has lovely reproduction of the One, Two and Three Penny stamps.



Standard First Day Cover from Australia Post


The first day of issue is the day on which a postage stamp, postal card or stamped envelope is put on sale, within the country or territory of the stamp issuing authority.

Sometimes the issue is made from a temporary or permanent foreign or overseas office. There will usually be a first day of issue postmark, frequently a pictorial cancellation, indicating the city and date where the item was first issued, and “first day of issue” is often used to refer to this postmark.A first day cover(FDC) is an envelope whereupon postage stamps have been cancelled on their first day of issue.

Depending on the policy of the nation issuing the stamp, official first day postmarks may sometimes be applied to covers weeks or months after the date indicated.Unofficial first day of issue postmarks can also occur when a stamp collector purchases the stamps in question from a post office in the first day of issue city and then takes them (on that same day) to a post office in another city to have them cancelled, or when stamps are affixed to envelopes that are simply dropped into the mailstream on the first day and receive that day’s normal postmark.

*All historical information taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only.

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