1777 Antique Map of Tasmania – Bonne


Australia, the Land Down Under, home of the Kangaroo and Koala, and a host of other unique animals and plant life. It is a diverse land that has more unique landscapes and animals than practically anywhere else in the world.

As a result Australian coin mints and banknote printing companies often choose these unique landscapes and animals. It also produces a host of unique collectible items in the form of lapel pins, sporting memorabilia and tourist products.

Beautifully designed stamps and philatelic items are made by Australia Post which are extremely popular with stamp collectors worldwide and our range is great.

Recently we opened our World numismatic section where we will steadily add other interesting banknotes and coins from around the world. Our first section for Germany is now open.

Here at Noteworthy Collectibles our store offers a huge selection of collectibles items from all of these genres. Most notably we concentrate on the rarer banknotes but also on the stunning coins struck in silver and gold by Perth Mint and The Royal Australian Mint. We endeavor to offer only the finest coins offered by these mints.

If you’re looking for rare and unusual items from Australia from numismatics to philatelic items to books, old maps, lapel pins or even rock music then Noteworthy Collectibles is the store for you. Come on in and look around we are sure you will love what you find.

  • Australian Banknotes

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    Australian banknotes from pre-decimal though to current issues.
  • Australian Coins

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    Australian coins were first produced in the country in 1910, prior to that they were minted in the United Kingdom and India. The very early colonies even used Spanish coins as a trading currency along with tokens releases by specific traders for their own goods and services. Pre-decimal Australian coins remained in circulation until 1966 when they were replaced by decimal coins. The main mints in Australia are the Royal Australian Mint, Perth Mint, Sydney Mint and the Melbourne Mint. The most valuable of all Australian coins is the 1930 One Penny coin which can command prices in excess of One Million Dollars. As an investment Australian coins have long proven to be a great way to diversify your portfolio. Prime among these investment coins are the gold sovereigns that were produced between 1899 and 1931. A full of set of these coins sells for around $26,000 currently. In recent years the Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint have had huge success with the release and sale of pure silver and gold coins. The coin themes are diverse and some of the coins have had ground breaking engineering designs that have won many awards. Noteworthy Collectibles offers a good selection of regular general circulation coins as well as proof mint sets and themed coins from the main Mints.
  • Australia Post Philatelics

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    Australia Post has for many years produced a wide array of item for the postal services across Australia. Some of the world’s most beautiful postage stamps have been designed and posted in this country. In the beginning in 1850 the six main colonies in Australia all produced their own postage stamps. the first was New South Wales. In 1901 the Postmaster Generals Office was formed which effectively brought the postage service on onto a national platform. The red 1d stamp with kangaroo and map from 1913 is regarded as the first of the proper series of stamps and cost the same in all states since prices were made the same in all states from 1911. In the modern day the post office offers not just the regular postage stamps but a huge assortment of philatelic items such pre-stamped postcards, stamp booklets, stamp packs, Prestige booklets with both stamps and postcards, First Day Covers and maxi cards In recent years they have even had a joint venture with Perth Mint producing coin and stamp envelopes. Noteworthy collectibles has a fine array of modern postal philatelics in most of the genres and themes. We offer good clear pictures and descriptions that make purchase decisions a whole lot easier. We always strive to give the most accurate descriptions possible.
  • Australian Antique Maps

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    Beautiful maps from the early years of Australian exploration await you.
  • Australian Collectibles

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    Australian Collectibles from lapel pins to music and other items of interest.