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Cheques in English or if you prefer “checks” in American are among the world’s oldest form of banking instruments. Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit also formed part of these instruments. The collecting of these instruments where the information was by and large hand written is known as, “Scripophily”.

They have been used the world over for the payment either immediate or delayed of financial transactions worldwide. An early form of cheque known as praescriptiones in the 1st century BC. They have a fascinating history as not only are most counter stamped but many have stamps for duty on them as taxation on the service.

Sometimes the bank cheques have counter stamps from banks that are no longer existent and the paper records as a whole form a wonderful historical picture of the socio-political history of the time in which they issued.

Here at Noteworthy Collectibles we have examples for sale from the 1860 goldfields in Victoria as well as Letters of Exchange between Paris and Sydney to those used for payment of taxes by Government bodies. The goods described on some of them are items that were used in colonial times. Overall it is a very satisfying hobby to collect these beautiful and fascinating banking documents.

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