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1917 Commercial Bank of Victoria Grain Department Sola Of Exchange

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This is a highly interesting banking instrument issued in 1917 by the Gippsland and Northern Co-Operative Selling and Insurance Co.Ltd. from their Grain Department.

It is a Sola of Exchange made out in favour of Mr C.T. Smith of Stanley Tasmania.  The total sum is for 15 pounds, 14 shillings and 5 pence. A considerable sum in those days. One pound back then is todays equivalent of about 38 pounds or about $76 Australian.

Counter stamped by the Commercial Bank Launceston and made payable at the National Bank of Tasmania Stanley.

Was this posibly the same person as the Sola is given to:

From the Burnie Advocate 11 February 1920


Stanley’s half-masted flags paid fitting tribute yesterday to the late Mr.Charles Thomas Smith, one of the pioneers of Circular Head, who died early yesterday morning in his 89th year.

Deceased was in his office as late as Wednesday last. Death was due to pneumonia and heart failure. Deceased was born near Launceston in 1831 and was the fifth son of the late Mr. John Smith, of Marchington. He obtained a knowledge of farming pursuits on his father’s property and in 1852-after a visit to the mainland gold diggings – he took up land at Black River, Circular Head. In 1876 he opened in business as a produce merchant at Stanley and he conducted the business right up to the time of his death. He was the soul of honor in all his dealings: and the knowledge that he would always act with the most scrupulous fairness attracted to him a large clientele. To public matters he had a proud record. He was a mem ber of the Horton Road Trust from the time of its inception; he was chairman of the trust, and also of the Stanley Town Board. He was secretary for many years of the SchoolBoard and the Cemetery Trust. He was one of the first councillors under the present system of local government- he retired from the council in late years owing to deafness. He became a warden of the Circular Head Marine Board in 1877 and was Master Warden from 1895 until the present elective body created, when he was elected a member. He was appointed a justice of the peace in 1876, and a coroner of Tasmania in 1896. A member of the Brethren, he preached each Sunday af Forest for over 60 years. Deceased was married in 1879 to Miss Collett, of Ridgeside, near Evandale (a sister of Mr. Thomas Collett, of Ulverstone) and leaves two sons and two daughter- Messrs. Collett and Theodore Smith, Miss Smith, and Mrs.W. Thorp., of Forest.
The funeral is announced for tomorrow afternoon. 



A sola bill of exchange is a single bill. There is no copy made and it stands alone as opposed from bills of exchange drawn up in sets. The drawing of a bill of exchange requires particular care in being very clear as to the description of the payee so that he cannot be confused with a similar name. When a bill is drawn by procuration, the authority to draw is admitted, but not to indorse. If a bill miscarries, and unless made payable to ‘Bearer’ – the unlawful possessor can neither acquire nor convey any title there to.


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