1860’s – Rare Bank of Victoria Cheque – Maldon Victoria


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This is a genuine cheque from a bank which no longer exists.

At over 150 years old it is a lovely piece of Australian history and is in very nice condition for its age.

The cheque is blank but in pristine condition.

Maldon was reknowned for its vast riches during the goldrush of the 1850’s and 60’s.

This cheque represents a unique peice of that history and as such is highly collectible and desirable for all collectors.

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A Time In Australian History When:

August 20 1860 – Burke and Wills expedition sets off from Royal Park, Melbourne at about 4pm watched by around 15,000 spectators.

November 12 1860 – The Victorian College for the Deaf is opened in a small house in Peel Street Windsor.

December 12 1860 – Initial riots began on the Lambing Flat goldfields near present day Young, New South Wales.

The spellings check, checque, and cheque were used interchangeably from the 17th century until the 20th century. However, since the 19th century, the spelling cheque (from the French word chèque) has become standard for the financial instrument in the Commonwealth and Ireland, while check is used only for other meanings, thus distinguishing the two definitions in writing. In American English, the usual spelling for both is check.

There have been suggestions that the word chek comes from ancient Pahlavi language which was used in the Achaemenid Empire in Persia. It may have spread from there to Arabic where saqq means a promise to pay a certain amount of money for delivered goods.

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