1910 Australia Florin – King Edward VII

Australian Coins

Australian coins were first produced in the country in 1910, prior to that they were minted in the United Kingdom and India. The very early colonies even used Spanish coins as a trading currency along with tokens releases by specific traders for their own goods and services.

Pre-decimal Australian coins remained in circulation until 1966 when they were replaced by decimal coins. The main mints in Australia are the Royal Australian Mint, Perth Mint, Sydney Mint and the Melbourne Mint.

The most valuable of all Australian coins is the 1930 One Penny coin which can command prices in excess of One Million Dollars. As an investment Australian coins have long proven to be a great way to diversify your portfolio. Prime among these investment coins are the gold sovereigns that were produced between 1899 and 1931. A full of set of these coins sells for around $26,000 currently.

In recent years the Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint have had huge success with the release and sale of pure silver and gold coins. The coin themes are diverse and some of the coins have had ground breaking engineering designs that have won many awards.

Noteworthy Collectibles offers a good selection of regular general circulation coins as well as proof mint sets and themed coins from the main Mints.

  • Perth Mint

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    Australian Decimal Coins from Perth Mint
  • Royal Australian Mint

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    Australian Decimal Coins from Royal Australian Mint
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    Pure Silver Coins released by Perth Mint
  • Pre-Decimal Coins

    Pre-Decimal Coins

    Commonwealth Pre Decimal coins began with the first minting of Australia's first uniform currency in 1910. Only the silver coins valued at threepence, sixpence, one shilling and a florin were minted in that first year. In the following year production turned over to the copper coins of the halfpenny and penny in 1911. Only four monarchs appeared on pre decimal coins in Australia. These were King Edward VII in 1910, King George V 1911-1936, King George VI 1938-1952 and Queen Elizabeth II from 1953-1964. The two shilling coin known as a Florin had four commemorative releases. One for the opening of the original Parliament House in 1927, one for centenary of Victoria and the establishment of Melbourne, another for 50 years of the Commonwealth of Australia and the last for the visit to Australia of Queen Elizabeth II on 3rd Feb 1954. all four coins are highly collectible. The rarest of the pre decimal coins are the 1916 halfpenny with Indian quarter anna obverse. To date only 5-7 specimens have been sighted.Then there is the 1920 London obverse penny with a dot over lower scroll. Of these there are only 4 specimens recorded. And of course the legend above all being the holy grail or the 1930 One Penny coin which has achieved record breaking sums for near mint examples. Production ceased on these pre decimal coins with the introduction of decimal currency into Australia in 1966. Noteworthy Collectibles stocks a wide range of these coins for collectors in varying grades and price ranges to suit everyone.
  • Royal Australian Mint Silver

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    Pure Silver Coins released by the Royal Australian Mint