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1881 Union Bank of Australia Ltd – Letter of Exchange

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At over 125 years old the letter of exchange / promisory note (not really sure) is in remarkable condition. Dated London 2nd August 1881.

This is an original duplicate copy and the original copy was sent on 3rd August 1881. It is all signed in ink.

It has been folded and on the top fold there is some faint discolouration due to age, otherwise it is in good condition.

A rare slice of Australian history from the 19th century.

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Australia has its share of notable signatories also.


A Time In Australian History When:

Marcus Clarke (24 April 1846 – 2 August 1881) who was an Australian novelist and poet, best known for his novel “For The Term Of His Natural Life” dies at the age of 35.

Zulu wins the Melbourne Cup.

The population of Australia was 2,250,194

The Art Gallery of South Australia opened by Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence.

A month after this cheque was signed William Jolly was elected first Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

*All details taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only.

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