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1904 Commercial Bank of Australia Cheque

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Dated March 31st 1904 this company cheque is average condition for its age.

It is for the sum of Thirteen Pounds and 5 Shillings Sterling paid from the business account of H.R, Carter and Company to one G. Tatlow. It has the standard 1d Stamp duty stamp affixed.

Counter stamped by the Melbourne branch.  H.R. Carter and Co. were government wheat agents.

Stanley cemetery records have 2 such names listed on their records for this era. Given that George Roderick would have been 11 years old at the dating of this cheque it must have been George Henry Tatlow.

TATLOW    , George Henry. Husband of Sarah Ann    . 11 January 1908     . Aged 51     years.    
TATLOW    , George Roderick. Son of George Henry and Sarah Ann (Stokes)    . 7 September 1920     . Aged 27     years. 

An interesting snap shot from the beginning of last century.  The pictures say it all.



Business banking cheque no doubt paid for the purchase of wheat from a local Stanley farmer.

Bears the Commercial Bank of Australia counter stamp and a one penny duty stamp.


A time in our nations history  when:

Monarch – Edward VII
Governor-General – Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson (until 21 January), then Henry Northcote, 1st Baron Northcote
Prime Minister – Alfred Deakin (until 27 April), Chris Watson (until 18 August), then George Reid

6 January – The Tasmanian government replaces the state’s Central Board of Health with a Public Health Department.
13 January – The flag of South Australia is officially gazetted as the current design.
23 January – A by-election is held for the New South Wales Legislative Assembly seat of Ryde. It is won by Edward Terry for the Liberal Reform Party.
29 February – Women’s suffrage is granted in Tasmania.
1 June – A general election is held in Victoria. Incumbent premier Sir Thomas Bent is returned with an increased majority.
20 June – The P&O ship SS Australia is wrecked at the entrance to Port Phillip. There is no loss of life.
12 November – John Drayton is imprisoned under parliamentary privilege provisions in Western Australia.
1 December – Ipswich, Queensland is proclaimed as a city.

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