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Here is a middle grade example of one of the more rare banknotes from the Bayerische Notenbank of Munich.

Released in 1923, it is for the value of 100,000 Mark and has some superb design work in the graphics particularly on the reverse with the Hall of Fame from Munich.

The corners are showing some degradation and there is also some light staining.

Not so many good examples are available on the market and as such it is still a highly desirable item of notgeld or emergency money for any collection even in this middle grade .

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Bayerische Notenbank München  / Laendesbank
Issued:           15. June 1923
Reverse:         Die Ruhmeshalle or Hall of Fame in Munich with text and seals
Size:              100 mm x 180mm
Catalogue:      Ro. Bay 9
Grade:            Uncirculated


On the reverse of this banknote we see what appears to be a Roman temple. It is however located in Munich, Germany just above the Theresienwiese, a local park.

It is called “Die Ruhmeshalle”, or Hall of Fame and houses busts of famous German people through the ages. It was designed by Leo von Klenze who was commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria and was dedicated to those who had made Bavaria wealthy, famous and dignified as a state.

It has all the hall marks of a classic Roman / Greek design and is based on a 3 winged portico that is supported by a Doric colonnade of 48 columns. The building itself measures 68 x 32 meters and has a height of 6.95 meters.

The hall was severely damaged during an air raid in 1944 which also damaged some of the 200 busts inside. The restoration project for it including the broken busts was completed in time for the Munich Olympics of 1972.  Not all the busts were recoverable and some pictures were hung to replace them. From 1972 to now only 17 new busts have been added. These include Klara Ziegler the actress, Heinrich Wieland a chemist, Amadeus Hartmann the composer, Johann Michael Fischer an architect and  Lena Christ a writer.

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