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This note is generally good goodition.

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Obverse: John Macarthur (1766 – 11 April 1834[1]) was a soldier, entrepreneur, politician and pioneer of the Australian wool industry.

Reverse:William James Farrer (3 April 1845 – 16 April 1906) was a leading Australian agronomist and plant breeder. Farrer is best remembered as the originator of the “Federation” strain of wheat, distributed in 1903. His work resulted in significant improvements in both the quality and crop yields of Australia’s national wheat harvest, a contribution for which he earned the title ‘father of the Australian wheat industry’.

Watermark: Captain Cook in left panel


Farrer died at his home Lambrigg in 1906 after suffering a major heart attack, and was buried on his property at dusk the next day.

In 1911 the Farrer Memorial Trust was established in his memory, initially providing scholarships for Agricultural studies. In 1936 the trust commenced awarding a medal for outstanding service to agricultural science. The first recipient of the medal was then Prime Minister of Australia and Tasmanian farmer, Joseph Lyons.
A statue of Farrer was erected in Queanbeyan by the Federal government in 1935 and another at Lambrigg in 1938.
A suburb and a primary school in Canberra have been named in his honour. The school’s logo is a wheat sheaf and the sports houses are named after his most famous types of wheat.
An Australian electoral division has been named after him, and Farrer was also remembered on the reverse of the Australian two dollar banknote issued in 1966 (now withdrawn).
A specialist agricultural high school (Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School, Tamworth NSW) was named in his honour and continues to provide specialist agricultural education.
There is also a hall of residence at Monash University named in his honour.
William Farrer is also remembered in Wagga Wagga with the Farrer Hotel and the Farrer Football League (Australian rules football).

*All biographical details are taken from Wikipedia for education purposes only.

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