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1972 Billy McMahon Election Propaganda Money

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Election money has been around for many years.

Gough Whitlam’s spin doctors were distributing these notes.

There were many different notes released over the years and this is a very fine example given that its age is more than 40 years.

The cartoon characterization depicts both Billy Sneddon (as a billy goat) and Billy McMahon as lackeys for the Richard Nixon administration in the States.

The election was decided on 02 December and Gough Whitlam came to power. ¬†One of his first acts was to remove the words “Commonwealth Of” from our currency notes.



153mm x 77mm

Clean and crisp and near new condition.


The Premiership of William McMahon refers to the period of federal Executive Government of Australia led by Prime Minister William McMahon. It was made up of members of a Liberal Party of Australia-Country Party of Australia coalition in the Australian Parliament from March 1971 to 5 December 1972.

William “Bill” McMahon became Prime Minister of Australia on 10 March 1971, at the age of 63. The McMahon Ministry was sworn in by Governor-General Paul Hasluck with Country Party leader Doug Anthony as Deputy Prime Minister. McMahon moved Gorton’s Treasurer, Leslie Bury to the Ministry for External Affairs and installed Billy Snedden as Treasurer.

The McMahon Government ended when Gough Whitlam led the Australian Labor Party out of its 23 year period in Opposition at the 2 December 1972 election. The charismatic Whitlam led an effective campaign that resulted in Labor securing 67 seats to the Coalition’s 58, leaving McMahon as the first non-Labor leader to suffer an election defeat since 1929.

*all history taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes

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