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1979 Australia Twenty Dollars Paper – XYN

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One very small crease across the X in the serial number.

Paper is clean and crisp.

It is a nice investment note.

It has the Gothic No18 font on the serial numbers.






Serial No.

Renniks No.

Approx. Grade


Obverse: Sir Charles Edward Kingsford Smith MC, AFC (9 February 1897 – 8 November 1935), often called Charles Kingsford Smith, or by his nickname Smithy, was a well-known early Australian aviator. In 1928, he made the first trans-Pacific flight from the United States to Australia. He also made the first non-stop crossing of the Australian mainland, the first flights between Australia and New Zealand, and the first eastward Pacific crossing from Australia to the United States. He also made a flight from Australia to London, and set a new record of 10.5 days.

Reverse: Lawrence Hargrave (29 January 1850 – 14 July 1915) was an engineer, explorer, astronomer, inventor and aeronautical pioneer.

Watermark: Captain Cook in left panel


Kingsford Smith made a cameo as himself in the feature film Splendid Fellows (1934).

A popular documentary was made about his life: The Old Bus (1944).

The 1946 Australian film Smithy was based on his life, with Ron Randell as Charles Kingsford Smith and John Tate as Charles Ulm.

The 1985 Australian television mini-series A Thousand Skies, has John Walton as Kingsford Smith and Andrew Clarke as Ulm.

Bill Bryson details Kingsford Smith’s life in his book “Down Under”

Australian author Peter FitzSimons’s book, CHARLES KINGSFORD SMITH and Those Magnificent Men, details an extensive exploration of Smithy’s life and of aviation history – Published by Harper Collins, Australia. 2009. (ISBN 978 0 7322 8819 8).

*Some additional information taken from Wikipedia for education purposes only.

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