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1987 Australia Post – Man From Snowy River – Gutter Strip

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1987 Australia Post – The Man From Snowy River MNH Gutter Strip.

Fantastic condition strip that makes phillatelics what it is, enjoyable.

This strip has 5 scenes based on the Banjo Patterson legendary poem by the same name.

The stamps include: At The Station, Mountain Bend, The Terrible Descent, At Their Heels and Brought Them Back.

A wonderful collectible embracing some of Australia’s best know bush poetry.



Australia Post general release postage stamps strip.


“The Man from Snowy River” is a poem by Australian bush poet Banjo Paterson. It was first published in The Bulletin, an Australian news magazine, on 26th April 1890. The poem tells the story of a horseback pursuit to recapture the colt of a prizewinning racehorse that escaped from its paddock and is living wild with the brumbies (wild horses) of the mountain ranges. Eventually the brumbies descend a seemingly impassably steep slope, at which point the assembled riders give up the pursuit, except the young hero, who spurs his pony down the “terrible descent” to catch the mob.Two characters mentioned in the early part of the poem are featured in previous Paterson poems; “Clancy of the Overflow” and Harrison from “Old Pardon, Son of Reprieve”.

*All historical information taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only

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