1988 Australia $10 Bicentenary Issue AA23101584 Last Prefix


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A really lovely example here. Crisp, bank fresh and unmarked. This note is in mint UNC condition.

This note has a great colour and fantastic definition on the hologram. 

People looking to build a strong collection would find this note at this price a great place to start.

Your chance to upgrade and enhance your collection lies in notes like this one.

This note does not have the original blue coloured NPA folder.


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Archeological evidence from the shores of Botany Bay has yielded evidence of Aboriginal settlement dating back 5,000 years. The Aboriginal people of Sydney were known as the Eora with sub-groups derived from the languages they spoke. The people living between the Cooks River and the Georges River were the Bidjigal clan; on the southern shores of the bay were the Gweagal clan; while on the northern shore it was the Kameygal clan.

Botany Bay has a diverse marine population, and the area around its entrance is a popular area for scuba diving. In recent times,[when?] the Botany Bay Watch Project has begun with volunteers assisting to monitor and protect the Bay Catchment and its unique marine life.

The world’s largest population of weedy sea dragon ever surveyed is found at the ‘Steps’ dive site, on the Kurnell side of the Botany Bay National Park. Weedy sea dragons are just one of hundreds of territorial marine creatures found within Botany Bay. The eastern blue grouper is the state fish of New South Wales; and are commonly found following divers along the shore line of Botany Bay.

*all history taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes

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