1988 Australia $10 Bicentennial AA00 First Prefix


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Of the Bicentennial Ten Dollars bank notes, there were 3 series. Each series with a first and last prefix note. A total of 6 altogether.

Here is a very special offer from one of those by Noteworthy Collectibles.

It is one of the rarest of all the Bicentennial Ten Dollars bank notes. This third series, first prefix note is a numismatic must have for any collector. 

They are very hard to acquire in mint uncirculated condition and are usually offered as a part of the full 24 note run and not singly.

Your opportunity to acquire this numismatic treasure is right here. 

The true significance of these notes in Australian numismatic history cannot be underestimated given that they were only produced in one year, 1988.

Your opportunity to own this lovely piece of history is right here, right now.

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