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1988 Australia World Expo Bank notes

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1988 World Expo 2 and 5 Dollar Banknotes.

A beautiful crisp uncirculated pair of notes.

From Brisbane Queensland April 30th to October 30th 1988.

This interesting collectible pair of notes were used exclusively as legal tender inside the World Expo events.

Presently they have no monetary value but have become highly collectible items.



Specially produced for the 1988 World Expo.

The only legal tender inside the Expo site.




The AUD$625 million fair was the largest event of the 1988 Bicentennial celebrations of the European settlement of Australia.

The event achieved both its economic aims and very good attendances, was successfully used to promote Queensland as a tourist destination and it spurred a major re-development at the South Brisbane site.

Many of the exposition’s sculptures and buildings were retained by various entities around the state and are still in use or on display decades later.

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