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1989 Portugal 500 Escudos BDK007051

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This 500 Escudos banknote from Portugal was issued in 1989 and it bears the portrait of Mouzinho da Silveira on the right, the Portuguese coat of arms on top left as well as a stylised scene with sunset, tree and plough in the centre and a pattern of stylised grain in the four corners.

The note itself is circulated and has creases and some soiling. There is some hand writing on the obverse in ink which does detract.  It is still a good collection filler as there are no rips or pinholes.

These notes have a quite a good value so this one is truly priced to sell.

Please see the photos for additional condition appraisal.



1989 Portugal 500 Escudos CJZ94926
Date of Issue: 04 October 1989.
Issuer: Banco de Portugal
Obverse: Mouzinho da Silveira
Reverse: Corn / wheat, sunflowers and grapevines with scythe in the centre
Watermark: Mouzinho da Silveira
Original Size: 155 x 75 mm
Catalogue: Pick P-180c


José Xavier Mouzinho da Silveira (Castelo de Vide, 12 July 1780 – Lisbon, 4 April 1849) was a statesman, jurist and Portuguese politician, as well as one of the most important personalities of the Liberal Revolution of 1820, responsible for legislation and administrative reforms that shaped Portuguese institutions, taxation and justice in the period after the Constitutional Charter.

Imprisoned after the Abrilada, he turned one of the most uncompromising defenders of the Charter, remaining in exile for several years after 1828, and only returning in 1834 to defend his legislative agenda, exiling himself once again in 1836.

In the final ten years of his life, Mouzinho da Silveira retired from public life, before his untimely death.

*All biographical details are taken from Wikipedia for education purposes only.

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