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2002 Australia Post The Magic Rainforest 2 Sheetlet

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Australia Post 2002 The Magic Rainforest Mini Sheet – Series 2.

This mini sheet  is in mint condition with 10 of the 45c stamps from the Magic Rainforest series.

Pristine condition and still in their original plastic sealed sleeve.

A great collectible. Bunyip, fairy, gnome, goblin, wizard and sprite, their all here in the this magical series.

Together with the other listing here it forms the full set of stamps released for this series.




Australia Post as a part of their “Stamp Month” commissioned author John Marsden as well as the highly creative skills of the illustrating team of Mark Jackson and Heather Potter to create ‘The Magic Rainforest’.

A new Australian fantasy book for all generations has fantastical wonderful Australian characters and creatures which together bring the pages of this unique story book and stamps to life.

The mythical creatures featured on the face of these stamps and the roles they were assisgned in the story of ‘The Magic Rainforest’ make a perfectly sensational introduction to the magic of stamp collecting for people of all ages.


The Australian forests were inscribed to the World Heritage list in 1986, covering only the New South Wales sites of approximately 3108 km² and extended in 1994 to cover the Queensland sites of approximately 592 km² which is a total of approximately 3700 km². The rainforest reserves have an extremely high conservation value, with more than 200 rare or threatened plant and animal species.

Eight separate areas have been identified as having outstanding heritage significance to Australia and are included on the Australian National Heritage List. The altitude of the reserves ranges from sea level to almost 1,600 m (5,200 ft).

*All history taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only

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