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On offer here is the new format banknote which was issued in 2002 in Hong Kong.

This ten dollars banknote from Hong Kong was part of a 2 year trial for the note design so it is a highly collectible item.

In 2007 the design was officially put into use as the first fully polymer banknote to be issued there.

This note here has the added value of the highly desirable radar serial number ‘955559’ as well as being a mint UNC condition note.

The ten-dollar note was first produced in 1868 by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation with the formal adoption of a currency system just for Hong Kong.

There have been various issued by banks which were phased out with the introduction of the ten dollar coin in 1994.

Due to demand the banknote was reissued in 2002 in paper form, this was changed to polymer in 2007 as a trial of this product.

The ten-dollar note is the only denomination that is issued by the government of Hong Kong. It is primarily purple in colour.

Your opportunity to get this wonderful piece of Chinese numismatic history is here.



2002 $10 Hong Kong Government Banknote UNC
Value: 10 Hong Kong Dollars
Issued by: Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Width 134 mm
Height 66 mm
Security : Window, Watermark, Intaglio printing, Registration device, Concealed denomination, Security thread, Fluorescent Fibers, Iridescent image
Paper type: Cotton fibre


Hong Kong’s new $10 note: Press release 2002

The Financial Secretary today (Friday) announced plans for the issue of a new $10 note. The new $10 note will be issued by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and will be gradually put into circulation in the late summer and early autumn. The new note will circulate in addition to the $10 coin and the existing green $10 notes issued by HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank, all of which remain legal tender.

Speaking today at the launch of the Hong Kong Financial Sector Exhibition 2002, the Financial Secretary, Mr Antony Leung, said that the decision to issue the new $10 note was taken in response to the renewed public demand for a $10 note for day-to-day use and particularly during the Lunar New Year. “The public will now have the choice and convenience of both coins and notes of this denomination for their daily needs,” Mr Leung said.

Mr Leung said that the new $10 note would bear the date 1 July 2002, to coincide with the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He added, however, that it would not be released into circulation until later in the summer and early autumn, when supplies became available.

Commenting on the design of the new $10 note, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Mr Joseph Yam, said that the note was abstract in design and mauve, purple, blue and yellow in colour. “The abstract design makes impressionistic references to the spirit of modern architecture in Hong Kong. It also captures elements of festive and cultural activities in Hong Kong and China,” Mr Yam said.

In addition to security features of the sort present on the majority of existing Hong Kong notes (and on the enhanced $1,000 notes), the new $10 note incorporates two new visible security features. These are:

1. a shimmering reflective band, visible on the reverse on tilting the note, showing “HK10” and bauhinia flowers

2. a see-through picture, in which patterns on the front and back fit perfectly together to show the complete image of a horse.

The note is currently at the production stage. It is expected to be available for circulation in the late summer and early autumn and will be released, subject to sufficient supplies being available, in response to public demand. “For the moment I must ask people to be patient, but we shall certainly ensure that in due course there are enough notes to satisfy fully the public’s requirements,” Mr Yam said.

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