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2008 Kangaroo One Dollar – Reg Mombassa

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Rare and highly collectible this coin was struck by RAM (Royal Australian Mint) to compliment their internationally famous one dollar Silver Kangaroo series.

It was one in a series based on the original Mombassa design. With the flag of Australia emblazoned across the kangaroos body it really does make for a very strong Australia statement.

Well known Australian artist including Rolf Harris and Ken Done were asked to design the reverse of the coins in this series.

The one on offer here is by the legendary Reg Mombassa who has been best known in Australia for a multitude of art works and styles as well as music. His art work has graced the Mambo Graphics clothing series, music recording covers, books, calendars and  he has even had the honour like Michael Leunig of painting one of Melbourne’s historic trams.

Reg was also extremely famous for his musical skills as co-founder and guitarist in the band Mental As Anything.

Shining through on this coin is Reg’s typical Aussie larikin sense of humour for which he is so well known.  

This coin only has the coin capsule in which it was purchased as per the pictures and is without the clam style plush case




Coin Specifications:

Metal: Pure silver (0.999)  

Finish: Proof    

Denomination: 1 AUD    

Diameter: 40mm  

Weight: 1 Troy oz   

Issue Limit:  5,463   

Mint: Royal Australian Mint


Reg Mombassa is the pseudonym of Chris O’Doherty, a New Zealand born artist and musician. Resident in Australia, he is as well known there for his musical exploits — founder and former member of the popular Australian band Mental As Anythingand member of Dog Trumpet (alongside his brother Peter O’Doherty) – as he is for his art. Worldwide, he is perhaps better known for his irreverent designs for surfwear company Mambo Graphics many of which were later adapted for use in a segment of the Sydney 2000 Olympics closing ceremony.  In Reg’s words he is inspired by “the wind, semi-professional birthday clowns, heavy machinery and the behavior of domestic animals”.  He is married with three children and lives in theSydney suburb of Glebe.

In the early days of the Mentals, the band would often invent pseudonyms for each other that combined an exotic lastname with a common Australian firstname. “Reg Mombassa” was one of the products of that amusement. It is unknown if the extra “s” inMombasa was deliberate or not. He has stated in interviews that some of his earlier pseudonyms included “Brett Orlando” and “Dorky Bladder”.

*All historical information taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only.


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