2010 Australia – Centenary Of Powered Flight – Colin Defries


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Australia – Centenary Of Powered Flight – Colin Defries Prestamped Postcard

Released to celebrate 100 years of powered flight in Australia this postcard has the 55 cents stamp featuring Colin Defries brave attempt at powered flight in Australia in 1909.

Aviation enthusiasts everywhere should be very keen on acquiring this set in full.

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2010 Australia Centenary Of Powered Flight featuring Colin Defries on this Pre-stamped Postcard or maxi card as it is known.


Colin Defries was an English pilot who made the first attempted powered flight over Australia on December 9, 1909 in Victoria Park racecourse. He crashed his biplane when he lost control upon reaching for his hat, which was being blown off by the wind. With the Aerial League and a newspaper denying that the flight had succeeded, much less occurred at all, Defries made a second attempt on December 18. Finally, his mechanic, R. C. Banks made an attempt of his own on March 1, 1910, and crashed the plane again.

*All history taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only.

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