2010 Australia – Centenary Of Powered Flight – John Duigan


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Australia – Centenary Of Powered Flight – John Duigan – Prestamped Postcard.

Released to celebrate 100 years of powered flight in Australia this postcard has the $1.45 stamp featuring John Duigan’s gallant powered flight in Australia in 1910.

Aviation enthusiasts everywhere should be very keen on acquiring this set in full.

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John Robertson Duigan MC (31 May 1882 – 11 June 1951) was an Australian pioneer aviator who built and flew the first Australian-made aircraft. Duigan was born in Terang, Victoria, and grew up on his family farm “Spring Plains”, near Mia Mia. He studied electrical engineering at Finsbury College, London, before returning to farm life. From 1908, he began experimenting with aviation, first constructing a glider, and then a powered aircraft. This un-named machine, referred to by posterity as the Duigan pusher biplane made a short (7 m) flight on 16 July 1910, which was followed by ever longer and higher flights. His second powered aircraft, the Duigan tractor biplane was built in 1912, but was damaged in a crash in February 1913 that left Duigan badly bruised; it was his last aircraft. On 26 November that year he married nurse Kathleen Rebecca Corney at Caulfield.

(All history taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only.)

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