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Australian TV Icon – Aunty Jack Keyring

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Aunty Jack Golden Boxing Glove Keyring from ABC merchandising.



The Aunty Jack Show was a Logie-award winning Australian television comedy series that ran from 1972 to 1973. Produced by and broadcast on ABC TV, the series attained an instant cult status that persists to the present day.The lead character, Aunty Jack was a unique comic creation — an obese, moustachioed, gravel-voiced transvestite, part trucker and part pantomime dame who habitually solved any problem by knocking people unconscious or threatening to rip their Bloody arms off. Visually, she was unmistakable, dressed in a huge, tent-like blue velvet dress, football socks, workboots, and a golden boxing glove on her right hand. She rode everywhere on a Harley Davidson motorcycle and referred to everyone as “me little lovelies” — when she was not uttering her familiar threat: “I’ll rip yer bloody arms off!”, a phrase which immediately passed into the vernacular. The character was devised and played by the multi-talented Grahame Bond and was partly inspired by an overbearing uncle whom he had disliked as a child, his grandfather Ben Doyle, and Dot Strong the ABC’s last official tea lady.

*All history taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only.

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