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1908 – Promissory Note – G. & R. Wills and Co.

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Dates October 12th 1908 this note promises to pay G. & R. Wills and Co the sum of 25 Pounds Sterling.

It is highly unusual given the huge number of counter stamps. Counter stamped by the Bank of Australia Melbourne, The Bank of Australasia Launceston, the Union Bank of Australasia Launceston, the Union Bank of Australasia Stanley and the Bank of Australasia in Stanley.

On the rear it has been signed by Messers Willis & Co. with a notation to “Represent” on the border which is probably the reason for so many stamps.

Great slice of history in this item.



A promissory note is a negotiable instrument, wherein one party (the maker or issuer) makes an unconditional promise in writing to pay a determinate sum of money to the other (the payee), either at a fixed or determinable future time or on demand of the payee, under specific terms.


A Time In Australian History When:

10 March – Australians Douglas Mawson and Edgeworth David accompanied by Ernest Shackleton and others are the first people to scale Mount Erebus in Antarctica.

30 March – Commonwealth Quarantine service came into operation and took over quarantine stations in every state.

20 April – 44 are killed and 400 injured in the Sunshine train disaster.

7 May – The Coat of Arms of Australia are granted Royal Assent.

August – Boys in Australia first participated in the scouting movement within a year of scouting starting in England

8 October – The capital of Australia is chosen, Canberra, finally settling a long feud between rivals Melbourne and Sydney for the title.

5 August – Harold Holt, 17th Prime Minister of Australia is born (died 1967 disappeared whilst swimming in the ocean off Portsea)

20 May – Henry Bolte, Premier of Victoria is born (died 1990)

*All historical info taken from Wikipedia for educational purposes only

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