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A great little triple set of notgeld banknotes from 1921 Heessen Bad Eilsen is here on offer. 

The offer contains the 50, 25 and One Pfennig notes. 

All are super collectible just as they were back in 1921 when they were released.

Featuring the Wonder Doctor Voigt and his miracle cures and the wellness house in the local town the notes are both humourous and reasonably rare in this condition.

The One Pfennig note has some brown staining on the border probably from contact with an older style brown envelope which can impart such stains.

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Year:           1921
Country:      Germany
Issued by :   Heeßen bei Bad Eilsen
Series:         50, 25, 1 Pfennig notes ( full series)
Size:            90 mm x 60 mm
Catalogue:   Bd.1/587.1

Bad Eilsen is a municipality in the district of Schaumburg, in Lower Saxony, Germany

On the front of one note you see Wonder Doctor Voigt consulting on a sick horse and in the next picture the horse is fit and rearing after his miraculous treatment. 

Many other amusing anecdotal scenes are incorporated in these mini works of art.


Notgeld (German for “emergency money” or “necessity money” ; “monnaie de nécessité” in French) is the name of money issued by an institution not authorized for money emission. This occurs usually when money is not available from the central bank. The best known emergency money emissions occurred in Germany and Austria around the end of the First World War, which is why the German term is used. Issuing institutions could be e.g. townsavings banks, municipalities, private and state-owned firms. It was therefore not legal tender, but rather a mutually-accepted means of payment in a particular locale or site. Notgeld is different from occupation money that is issued by an occupying army during a war.

The sets that were issued in 1920 and predominantly in 1921 were usually extremely colorful and depicted many subjects, such as local buildings, local scenes and local folklore/tales. Many series tell a short story, with often whimsical illustrations. These sets (that were not actually issued to go into circulation) were known as Serienscheine (a piece issued as a part of a series or set). As they were never issued to go into circulation, they are usually found in uncirculated condition, and are still collected by notgeld collectors all over the world.

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