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These three banknotes issued as emergency money or notgeld in 1921 by the city of Arnstadt in Germany are in fantastic condition.

The city of Arnstadt is in Thuringia in Germany. It is very near to Eisenach which is where Johann Sebastian Bach was born in 1685.

Each is for 10 Pfennigs but they each have a different whimsical political tale to tell.

The themes on these notes illustrated by A. Paul Weber try to address a few of the social and political problems that Germans were facing in the time of hyperinflation such as hunger, taxes, poverty and inflation. 

As a triple set you will not find better anywhere.

Collecting notgeld or emergency money is a highly enjoyable past time and generally not an expensive one.

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City of Arnstadt – Three emergency money banknotes or notgeld scheine
Year: 1921
Value: 10 Pfennigs
Catalogue: G/M 43.1
Size: 60 mm x 80 mm
Grade: Uncirculated
Artwork: A. Paul Weber was a very well known painter and lithographer who was born in Arnstadt in 1893. The A. was for Andreas but was not used by him.


This series of notgeld emergency money banknote illustrations are:


The cartoon on the obverse is a woman talking to a city accountant or clerk who has a large ledger quill behind his ear. He is snipping off what may well be food ration tickets.

The text around the outside reads: Bitte Herr Burorkatius das doppelte quantum ich haben muss. Ich habe hunger wie ein lowe einen magen wie ‘ne kuh dann kauen sie wieder, halten sie ruh.

Translation: Please, Mr Bureaucrat, I need to have a double quantity. I have hunger like a lion, and a stomach like a cow. – Then chew your cud and be quiet.


A cartoon illustration of two men, one is obviously well to do and is portly and happy whilst the other man is whip stick thin and his belt tightened to the first cinch to hold his trousers up.

The text surrounding it says: Tat sich einst das Bäuchlein runden Alles alles ist geschwunden wog 200 Pfund zuvor Schläft nun jetzt im Pusterohr.

Translation: Once the waist line was round, then all and everything has disappeared, weighed 200 pounds before, now I can sleep in a blow pipe.


The illustration here has a woman with a hen and a man with a sack holding it under the chicken to catch the egg as it is laid.

The text in the border reads: Was nutzt uns aller eiersegen, wenn sie in andre nester legen?

Translation: What good are all the eggs if they end up lying in other nests?

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