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1923 Bremen German America Week 6 Note Set


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This is a set of notes released as emergency money in 1923 with the theme of America Week running through them.  

Various themes from commerce to sport to historical settings appear on the notes. 

An interesting addition to any set of note from the German 1923 era.

These notes have been kept in beautiful condition and are priced to sell.



6 note set of emergency money

City: Bremen
issued: 1923
Size: 7.2 x 11 cm

2 x 25 pfennig

1 x 50 pfennig

2 x 75 pfennig

1 x 100 pfennig


Bremen is situated in the far north of Germany above Hamburg.

It lies on the River Weser some 60km from the sea.

It is a very larger city and has a great deal of industry. being the third largest city in northern Germany it has a population of around 2.5 million people.

The city boasts a beautiful historical area in the inner city which is comprised of the original town walls and moats. The oldest section is in the south and this area incorporates the market place and the Schnoor Quarter.

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