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Plate letter J

This 1920 Reichsbank bank note from Germany is in mint condition and has lovely fresh colors, slightly raised intaglio print and borders that are like new.

Although they are not as highly sought after as some notes from this era this 10 Mark note makes a great collectible and fantastic addition to any collection of German bank notes or world paper bank notes.

A wonderful collection filler for professionals and beginners alike.



1920 Reichsbank Treasury note

Issue date: 6th February 1920

Value: 10 Mark – Zehn Mark

Catalogue: Ro.63

Grade: Uncirculated, UNC, (kassenfrisch)


1920 was a precarious time in Germany.  With the end of the First World War barely out of sight there were economic problems a plenty.  Hyperinflation would be the end result of it all and by November 1923 the entire economy would in fact collapse.

Across Europe the effects of the war were still being felt and food shortages particularly in the eastern countries such as Austria were acute at this time. The Mark was going into free fall with exchange rates at about 200 Mark to one Pound Sterling. As a result of the armistice and reparations to neighboring countries, Germany was forced to hand over large numbers of livestock. France alone received 65,000 cattle and 30,000 horses. Other countries affected by the war received huge number as well. Germany had a shortfall of livestock which affected everything from meat to leather to wool and animals for use in agriculture.

Rudolf Havenstein was President of the Reichsbank during this period, which would not have been an enviable position to hold. The Reichsbank was always a volatile institution but the economic burden imposed by the reparations to other countries at the end of the war were enough to break it completely. Early 1924 saw the introduction of the Rentenmark as a replacement currency for the then worthless Reichsmark.

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