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This is another beautiful example from this era of German banknotes and is without a doubt a great addition to any collection. It is a large note by comparison to others.

In this condition the note is truly priced to attract beginner and advanced collectors alike.

The beautiful artwork that is etched in the printing plates of this note isindicative of the fine work employed in a lot of German notes in the  early 20th century. Bright, true, colours and crisp paperare the main features of this almost uncirculated 100 Reichsmark Banknote.

The artwork is such that people have these types of notes framed or place them under glass top coffee tables as a discussion point.



1908 Treasury Note

7th February 1908 issue date

Rosenberg catalogue RO33b

160 x 105 mm


The Reichsbank was the main central bank of Germany from 1876 until 1945.

Founded in 1876 shortly after the German Empire came into being. The bank was privately owned bank of Prussia but under strict controls of the Reich Government.

Prior to this unification the Germans had a total of 31 central banks as all independent states issued their own currency.

After this only 4 of the original Notenbanken continued to produce money and these were located in Saxony, Bavaria, Wuerttemberg and Baden.

These 4 vanished in 1914 with the outbreak of World War One.

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