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1916 Darlehnskassen Ost 50 Kopeken

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For sale here is an authentic 1916 bank note issued by the Darlehenkasse in Posen during the first world war.

It is a middle grade note but despite its few small shortcomings is still a nice example for collectors either professional or beginners.  Rubels and Kopeken from this era and area are highly sought after as top examples are not easy to find and those that have retained their quality have a premium price attached.



Issued by: Ostbank für Handel und Gewerbe – Darlehnskasse Ost, Posen
Value: 50 Kopeken
Date: 17.04.1916
Material: Papier
Grade: Very Fine
catalogue 1 Rb. 458a
catalogue 2 P. R121a
catalogue 3 Rb. (old) 325a


The denominations of currency available from Darlehnkassen Ost in Posen were:

20 kopecks
50 kopecks
1 ruble
3 rubles
10 rubles
25 rubles
100 rubles

The obverse of the bank notes carried a warning in German against forging bank notes.

On the reverse sides is the same warning in Latvian, Lithuanian and Polish.

Additional to the note series there was also also 1 kopeck, 2 kopeck and 3 kopeck coins which were made from iron.

The Ostruble was circulated in German occupied Lithuania together with the Ostmark until 1 October 1922. From 1922 onwards the currency was replaced with the Litas.

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