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1916 Darlehnskassen Ost 10 Rubels D388134

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This note is a middle condition example of the 10 Rubels bank note issued in Lithuania in 1918 by the German armed forces. It has some border tears but is still a rare and valuable collectable.

Despite the visible small tears on the edges the note overall is reasonable condition and makes a good addition to any collection looking to fill this era in a cost effective manner. 

The Ostruble or eastern Ruble is the currency that was issued by German Armed Forces in 1916 for use in the eastern countries (Oberost) under German occupation. On its initial release this Rubel had the same worth as a Russian Rubel and the issuing authority at that time was the Darlehnskassen in Posen. Additional to this the Ost Rubel and the value of 2 Ost Mark.  The Ostruble was replaced in Warsaw by the Polish Marka on 14th April 1917.



GERMANY – Occupied Territories – Lithuania

Darlehnskasse Ost Für Handel und Gewerbe (Trade and Commerce)

Authority: Darlehnskasse Ost, Posen
Value: 10 Rubel
Issued: 17.04.1916
Material Paper
Rosenberg: Rb. 461



During World War I, the German occupied eastern areas of Europe were known as the Ober Ost. This term was an abbreviation of “Oberbefehlshaber der gesamten Deutschen Streitkräfte im Osten” the translation of this would amount to “Supreme Commander of All German Forces in the East”.

The reality of the term though extends even further to encompass the then governing military staff as well as the districts they commanded which was better known as the Eastern Front.  The first Commander of this area was Paul von Hindenburg an acclaimed Prussian military hero.

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