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1923 BADISCHE BANK 10000 MARK 607060

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Land Bank Note Mannheim Baden With serial number 607060

A really top example of this hyper inflation bank note. This one in approximately aUNC condition. One small ink mark on the lower right of the reverse and overall a tremendous example.

I find it amazing that despite the economic situation within Germany as the entire system collapsed that they still found the time to put so much effort into these wonderful artworks. The colours are bright and truly heighten the intrinsic designs which are nothing short of small master pieces in engraving.

Heraldic devices as well as mythical depictions were prevalent on so many of the notes from this period.

This note forms part of the series which includes the 5,000 mark note from this same period. See the attached picture links below.



German Reserve Bank of Baden note issued in Mannheim

Badische Bank 10 000 Mark 1923

Serial number 607060



130 mm X 89 mm



In the period of hyper inflation, the Badische Bank or Bank of Baden released in a one year period beginning on 01 August 1922 bank notes with denominations of 500 marks, 5000 Mark, 10,000, 500,000 marks, 1 Million Mark, 20 million, 2 billion dollars and finally 100 billion Mark which was released on 30 October 1923.

By October 1924 the bank was back to releasing banknotes from 50 marks and more as the economy was stabilized and brought under control.

The bank itself was established in 1870 and was the Reserve Bank of Baden until 1935. It had its headquarters in both Mannheim and Karlsruhe from 1932 onwards.

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