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Issued by the city of Darmstadt in 1923 comes this Five Hundred Million emergency money banknote in pristine condition.

It has been beautifully kept and look and feels like new.

As you can see the use of single color ink was used as notes were being printed in such volume that it was the only effective method possible in keeping the costs down.

It states on the note that the bearer should consult the local newspaper for validity of the notes worth and useable date.

An interesting piece of Hessen’s history available here.

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Bank: Hessische Landesbank – Hessen Regional Bank
Value: 500,000,000 Mark
Issued by: Darmstadt Notgeldschein – Emergency money banknote
Date: 1.10.1923
Serial: 6 numbers red
Series: A
Catalogue: Grabowski HES 7a


Darmstadt in 1923 was still a university town and the endeavors of its academic staff and students could not be better demonstrated than by the development of one of the earliest 2 seat monoplane gliders ever made.

The University Flying Group or Akademische Fliergruppe from the Technical University of Darmstadt developed the Akaflieg Darmstadt D-7 Maragete and it was second only to the Fokker FG-2 two seat biplane glider which had flown the previous year for the first time.

The Darmstadt D-7 Margarete as it was it was called was a wooden framed aircraft with plywood paneling.  The Margarete part of the name was the taken from the wife of a member of the Flying Group who’s student husband died at the first Rhön glider meeting in 1920.

The glider they developed ended up taking part in both the 1923 and 1924 gliding events at Rhön and is shown as having an unofficial record for a passenger carrying flight  of 21 minutes.

The plane was in use up until 1927 when due to a broken aileron cable  during a landing it was retired and written off as no longer air worthy.

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