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A fascinating banknote in this 50 pfennig example from Waren Mueritz in the district of Mecklenburg. The note is beautiful condition and has been well stored.

As a side effect of the hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic around 70 towns took to printing this special type of money which meant only for collectors of emergency money banknotes. 

The notes were placed on sale after their validity date had expired. It was done as a means of local revenue raising to keep money in the region and sure up town accounts with some surplus. They were only released in 10, 25 and 50 penny notes.

Many of these Reutergeld notes had wonderful designs and they specifically had quotes by the well known Mecklenburg poet, Fritz Reuter.

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Issued by: Waren (Müritz)
Year: 1921
Value: 50 Pfennig
Obverse: Sketch of the town of Waren
Reverse: A married couple with their oversized suitcase and dog.
Type: Reutergeld
End date: 31/12/1921
Catalogue: Mehl 1377.1
Printer: Bärensprung’schen Hofdruckerei in Schwerin


Fritz Reuter was a well known writer who lived between 1810 and 1874 in the northern region of Germany known as the Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. In his home town of Stavenhagen his father was the local sheriff and mayor and also a farmer.

During his university years he studied jurisprudence  and was a strong member of the students politics club. The club was seen as being a betrayal of the nations political ethics and he was arrested in 1831 after being seen in the clubs colors and sentenced to death for high treason.  Luckily for him King Frederick William III of Prussia commuted the sentence to 30 years in a Prussian fortress. He was eventually made a free man in 1840 when amnesty was announced when Frederick William IV came to the throne.

Reuters first book was a work of poems in 1853 which was published after he finished his legal studies in Heidelberg. more poems were released until he followed them by a series of short stories and tales which were released in 1860. His works were embellished with skillful character drawings and humor.

By the end of his life his works were numerous. A compendium of them was release in  Karl Friedrich Müller in 1905 which consisted of 18 volumes.

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