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A nice little twin set of emergency money banknotes from the far north of Germany. Both towns lie in the Mecklenburg region with Rostock on the coast and Grevesmühlen across to the west just south of the coast line.

The two notgeld notes are both in great condition.

The reverse of the note from Grevesmühlen has the picture of a magpie offering two crows stolen goods.

One has to love the bizarre and wonderful depictions that the notgeld or emergency money banknotes from Germany offer. Not only did the period of hyperinflation add thousands of new banknotes it was a boom for creative artists in their design graphics.

In the main they are two quite delightful notes and will add interest and color to your collection.

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Value: 25 Pfennig
Issuer: Seestadt Rostock
Reverse: New market and St. Mary’s church
Size: 75 mm x 56 mm
Catalogue: Mehl 1138.1

Value: 50 Pfennig
Issuer: Grevesmühlen in Mecklenburg
Reverse: A magpie offers two crows stolen goods in money and gems.
Catalogue: Mehl 0473.1


Rostock is a large sea port town in the far north of Germany on the district of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Famous also for its ship building where the first steam driven propeller ships were constructed in Germany not to mention the infamous U-Boats of the Second World War era. Neptun Werft AG, Rostock laid down 10 submarines between 1941 and 1944 as well as 2 that were never completed.

It is a favored destination for holiday makers in the Summer and boasts a lovely town centre with a host of restaurants and cafes, an historical waterfront precinct and an array of maritime museums.

One fascinating item that is a must see in Rostock is the astronomical clock located in St. Mary’s church which was built in 1472 by Hans Düringer. It displays daily time, moon phases, the month as well as the zodiac. On the hour it has clock work apostles that parade in front of Jesus for a blessing. a truly remarkable piece of engineering for its medieval age.

It is also the home to one of the worlds oldest universities which was founded in 1419, the University of Rostock.

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