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Issued by the city of Darmstadt in 1923 comes this Five Hundred Million emergency money banknote in near perfect condition. 

It has some very minor edge wear on the bottom edge and this is fairly normal given the thinness of the paper it was printed on.

This version has the 6 number red serial.

It states on the note that the bearer should consult the local newspaper for validity of the notes worth and useable date.

It was issued toward the end of the inflation cycle and would not have been in use for more than a pair of months.

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Bank: Hessische Landesbank – Hessen Regional Bank
Value: 500,000,000 Mark
Issued by: Darmstadt Notgeldschein – Emergency money banknote
Date: 1.10.1923
Serial: 6 numbers red A620841
Series: A
Catalogue: Grabowski HES 7a


At the time of the release of this banknote in Darmstadt interesting things were afoot in the world of the arts.

In 1919 a circle of artists and friends in Darmstadt felt the need to create a spiritual center. The association known as the Secession was founded on 8 June 1919 by 21 people including Max Beckmann and Ludwig Meidner. The first Secession catalogue stated “Darmstadt feels strong enough to rise from artistic province to artistic capital again, from a metropolis of spiritual reaction to a center of new spiritual values.”

The exhibition “Deutscher Expressionismus Darmstadt 1920” (German Expressionism Darmstadt 1920) was of national importance. Besides works by Expressionists it also showed the art of Cubists, Dadaists, Constructivists and representatives of Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity). Some of the subsequent exhibitions caused scandals, such as “Deutsche Kunst Darmstadt 1923” (German Art Darmstadt 1923) and in 1929 “Der schöne Mensch in der neuen Kunst” (Beautiful Man in the New Art). When the Nazis came to power in 1933, some of the members of the Secession went into “internal exile”, and others emigrated. Still others joined the resistance against the regime.

After the war the Secession was founded again in the autumn of 1945, assuming that it had been banned, but no evidence of a ban has been found so far. In 1954 the first photographer, Otto Steinert, was accepted.

Today the association has more than 100 members in Germany, more than 20% of them in Berlin. Speakers of the board as of 2007 are Barbara Bredow and Horst D. Bürkle.

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