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One of the truly great things about building a banknote collection with the emergency money or notgeld notes issued in Germany between 1914 and 1923, is the fantastic heraldic designs that some of them offer in their designs.

This 100 mark banknote from the Landesbank or Central Bank of Bayern has the Bayern state flag and heraldic device on the reverse with a lion supporting either side. It has the Marquee and regal crown showing the status of Bavaria has been raised to Kingdom. The inescutcheon is for the ruling house. The blue and white flag is often referred to as the lesser coat of arms of Bavaria.

The note is in a higher grade with only some dog ears. No rip or tears, no pinholes and no center creases. It is graded as EF+.

Overall it is a beautiful example to add to your collection at a truly affordable price.

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Central bank or Notenbank from Bayern (1875-1925)
Value:        100 mark issued 1.11.1922
Catalogue:  Series D. Ros BAY 4.
Size:         162 mm x 108 mm
Grade:       EF+


Bavaria originally was a branch of one of the duchies from the Eastern Franconian Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. It became a kingdom unto to itself 1806.

The Free State of Bavaria is a federal state of Germany. It lies in the south-east of the country and takes up around one fifth of the countries total area or a bit over 70,00 square kilometers. The capital of the state is Munich which is famous for its Oktoberfest as well as auto manufacturers such as Mercedes and BMW.  The Oktoberfest which runs from late September is indisputably the worlds largest fun fair. It runs for 16 days and attracts crowds of up to 6 million people annually. In recent years beer consumption almost topped 8 million liters.

The state itself shares borders with Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic. The Main River which flows through Frankfurt am Main also winds its way through Bayern, with the other main river in the state being the Danube.

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