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Another nice example of German banknote printing.

This note from 1923 as the period of hyperinflation was at its peak.

Overall the note is in reasonable condition. The colours are still bright but the note has suffered some wear either from being stuck in an album, poor storage and possibly silver fish.

Issued in Mannheim 1st Dec 1922 it bears the 6 digit serial in green blue without prefix.

Stunning art work abounds in this period and if, as a collector, you look to get as many examples as possible then this is a must have.

Mythical creatures in the forms of griffins and dragons are very strong design elements here.

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German Laenderbank note issued in Mannheim.


185 X 110 mm


2 Griffins on the Obverse and the fight with the dragon on the Reverse.



On March 25, 1870, the Badische Bank received its license as a private central bank by the Government of the Grand Duchy of Baden. In addition to the Grand Duchy itself, other shareholders were involved in the banking foundation. In addition to Baden Private Bankers These included Adolf von Hansemann of the Disconto Society and Baron Carl von Rothschild of Frankfurt’s banking MA Rothschild & Sons. The capital amounted to 10,500,000 florins or around 6 million dollars and was divided into 30,000 shares at 350 guilders. In 1871 opened a branch in Karlsruhe.

The Bank had the right to spend up to three times the paid-up capital notes. One third of the notes in circulation had to silver, with two-thirds backed by gold or exchange. In return for the central bank privilege, the bank was obliged to distribute one-fifth of the profit after deduction of a 5 percent dividend to the country.

In the period of inflation the Badische Bank was in little more than one year producing bank notes with denominations of 500 marks, 5000 Mark, 10,000 marks, 500,000 marks, 1 Million Mark, DM 20 million, 2 million marks and 100 billion Mark. In October 1924 when the currency stabilized it returned to printing banknotes on 50 marks.

1931 the Republic of Baden acquired an equity stake of Deutsche Bank thus becoming the majority shareholder.

In 1978 the bank merged the Badische Bank with the Württembergische Bank and became the Baden-Württembergische Bank, which was acquired by Landesbank Baden-Württemberg in 2001.

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