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Here on offer is a middle grade 500,000 mark banknote issued by the the Reichsbankdirektorium in Berlin for 500,000 Mark. The Deutsches Reich was issuing vast numbers of banknotes at this time to cope with the hyperinflation situation as it ran out of control. 

Republic Treasury notes like these were common issue during this period.

This banknote is a middle grade example and is priced to sell accordingly.

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Deutsches Reich
Value:           Fünfhundert tausend Mark / 500,00 mark
Issuer:          Reichsbankdirektorium Berlin / Republic Treasury Notes
Series:         1923 Third Issue
Date:            01/05/1923
Size:            95 mm x 170 mm
Catalogue:    Ro.87b


Under the direct control of State Secretary of the Reich Post Office the Reichsdruckerei or state printer operated from 1879 till 1949.

It was originally founded in association with Royal Prussian State Printing House.

The main purpose of the printing house was to print banknotes, bonds, monetary papers and postage stamps for the German Empire. In addition to this they also published official works such as regulations, patents and training books.

As a leader in printing technology at that time they developed watermarks for use with banknotes and passports. This new technology was displayed to the public for the first time at the 1904 World Exhibition in St. Louis in the United States.

The advent of this secure printing format lent the then German Emperor  a great deal more political and economic clout.

At the outbreak of World War I the Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank and a public authority under the Riksdag, commissioned the Reichsdruckerei to print war bonds and additional banknotes.

During the peak period of hyperinflation in 1923 the Reichsdruckerei had in excess of 12,000 employees.

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