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1939 Australia Half Penny – King George VI – EF

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This was the year when the change over in the design from the words “One Half Penny” to the sculpted Kangaroo occurred.

It is a very nice example with only minor detractions, Only about one fifth of the coins minted in 1939 bore the kangaroo design.

It is a key date coin and this one makes a very nice addition to any collection..




Approx. Grade


1938-1948 All Half Pennies in this period were as follows.

Diameter 25.5 mm

Weight 5.67 grams

Edge – Plain

Bronze composition: 97% copper, 2.5% zinc and 0.5% tin.

Obverse: Has a portrait of King George VI by Thomas H. Paget

Reverse: The sculpted kangaroo designed by George Kruger Gray


A hugely historic year in Australia with events that would change the way of life for all Australians.

13 January – The bushfires of Black Friday kill 70 people in Victoria.

27 March – The first CAC Wirraway training aircraft, A20-3, takes to the air at Fishermans Bend, Victoria.

7 April – Prime Minister Joseph Lyons dies of a sudden heart attack, the first Prime Minister to die in office. Sir Earle Page, the leader of the Country Party is appointed caretaker Prime Minister until the United Australia Party can elect a new leader.

26 April – Robert Menzies is elected leader of the United Australia Party, and is sworn in as Prime Minister.

10 June – Premier of Tasmania Albert Ogilvie dies in office. Edmund Dwyer-Gray acts as Premier until he is officially elected as leader of the Labor Party in Tasmania on 6 July.

3 September – World War II begins. Australia declares war on Germany, following the United Kingdom and British Dominions’ declaration of same, after the German invasion of Poland.

15 September – Robert Menzies announces a new War Cabinet.

1 December – Australia agrees to take 15,000 Jewish refugees fleeing Europe, following the German occupation of Austria and Czechoslovakia.

18 December – Edmund Dwyer-Gray steps aside as Premier of Tasmania, by prior arrangement with Robert Cosgrove to assume the premiership.

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