1982 Australia One Dollar Note X 5- DKV C


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This run of 5 Johnstone Stone banknotes have a very light centre fold and some notes have some light spots of staining quite possibly caused through poor storage and contact with old staples.

The notes have good edges and no pin holes.

They are being sold as is but are still a wonderful short run of notes in better than average condition.

Perfect for the beginning collector.  The price is right.

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Names used by Australian Aboriginal people
There are a number of other names from Australian Aboriginal languages commonly used to identify groups based on geography, including:

Anangu in northern South Australia, and neighbouring parts of Western Australia and Northern Territory
Bama in north-east Queensland
Koori (or Koorie or Goori or Goorie) in New South Wales and Victoria
Murri in southern Queensland
Noongar in southern Western Australia
Nunga in southern South Australia
Palawah (or Pallawah) in Tasmania.

*All biographical details are taken from Wikipedia for education purposes only.

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