1982 Australia One Dollar Note X 5 – DKV D


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This run of 5 Johnstone Stone notes have a very light centre fold and some notes have some light spots of staining quite possibly caused through poor storage and contact with old staples.

The notes have good edges and no pin holes.

They are being sold as is but are still a wonderful short run of notes in better than average condition.

Perfect for the beginning collector.

Please see other listings for consecutive runs to this one.

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Bark paintings are based on sacred designs that include abstract patterns and designs (such as cross-hatching in particular colours) that identify a clan, and also often contain elements of the Eternal Dreamtime. Sometimes the elements of a story are obvious—such as men or animals—but sometimes the elements are symbolic. What appears to the tourist as a series of wavy lines punctuated by dots may actually be telling a complex Dreaming story describing the path of a creator spirit and events that happened along the way.

An uninitiated man or woman is only allowed to paint outside stories, the sort of story that might be told to a child. An initiated man can paint an inside story, which is restricted knowledge. Thus, a painting may be displayed in an exhibition, or put up for sale, but the artist, although having the right to paint the story, does not have the right to tell the story to another person. Alternatively, the story behind the painting may be one that may not be told to an uninitiated person. As buyers often want a story to go with the painting, this puts the artist in an unenviable position. The buyer may therefore receive a watered-down or distorted version of the story.

*All biographical details are taken from Wikipedia for education purposes only.

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